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Since its inception in 1996, The Foundation of the Columbia Montour Chamber of Commerce has evolved, remaining focused on goals which can be summed up in its mission statement:

“Working together, the educators and employers of Columbia and Montour counties will ensure that lifelong learners obtain the academic, technical, and employability skills necessary to be successful in the 21st century workplace.”

Through The Foundation of the Columbia Montour Chamber of Commerce, educators and employers in Columbia and Montour counties work together to provide educational opportunities for the purpose of workforce development. Our educational programs focus on K-12 students as well as continuing education for adults.

  • Programs such as Classroom on Main St. and Classroom in the Hospital provide high school students with the opportunity to explore careers in entrepreneurship, business and health care.
  • The School Counts program promotes workforce development by providing incentives for high school students to place a high value on advanced scholarship, regular attendance, and exemplary behavior.

The Foundation provides continuing education for adults through its Educator in the Workplace and Leadership Central Penn programs.

  • Through Educator in the Workplace, middle and high school teachers have the opportunity to intern with local businesses, thereby gaining workplace knowledge that can be shared with their school students.
  • Leadership Central Penn targets local employees who exhibit leadership potential. Participants are educated in the areas of community service and professional development by experts in their fields.

All of the aforementioned programs contribute to our mission of workforce development under the leadership of The Foundation of the Columbia Montour Chamber of Commerce; a business and education partnership.

The Foundation of the Columbia Montour Chamber of Commerce will continue to adapt to the changing needs of our community, strengthening the bridge between business & industry and education for years to come.