Educator in the Workplace

“I was very pleased with my experience in the Educator in the Workplace program. I completed my internship at Bloomsburg Veterinary Hospital where I was welcomed with open arms, and I got to experience many aspects of the veterinarian field. After each day, I composed a lesson plan that coordinated with my math and or science classes that I teach. Both my students and myself enjoyed the relevant content of those lessons and how it was based on real-world situations. Plus, providing students with first-hand information about a career opened many avenues for discussion and future planning of their high school careers.”

—Ms. Tara Varner, Middle School Science/Math Teacher, Benton Area School District Educator in the Workplace, Summer 2011

The goal of this internship is to enhance K- 12 curriculum development by partnering educators with businesses in Columbia and Montour counties. Educators can bring their experiences back into the classroom.

• All middle and high school educators in Columbia and Montour counties are welcome to apply.
• Participants must complete an Educator Application Form.

Participants’ Responsibilities
• Applications will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.
• Educators must get approval for Act 84 credits from their superintendent.
• Educators will job shadow at a company of their choice for five days during the summer under the direction of a business mentor.
• Educators will initiate a meeting with the business mentor of their choice and attend an orientation session with mentor at the business site. Through dialogue between the educator and mentor, goals for the internship will be developed.
In addition, educators will be responsible for:
• Keeping a daily journal reflecting skills and knowledge learned and their curriculum relevance.
• Developing a lesson plan to be incorporated into the classroom reflecting some aspect of the worksite experience.
• Educators will assist the Chamber Foundation in the recruitment of other educators for participation in the program the following summer.

Chamber Foundation’s Responsibilities
• The Foundation will provide Educator Applications.
• The Foundation will provide other forms/paperwork needed to complete the internship, following an educator’s selection for participation in the program.
• The Foundation will provide a list of businesses in Columbia and Montour counties that are willing to participate in this program.

• The Foundation will ensure that Educators are accomplishing their educational goals from the internship by periodically reviewing the process with the Foundation Board of Directors, with the participating businesses, and with the Educators who have completed the internship.

Educator in the Workplace Forms
• Pre-Internship Meeting
• Application
• Daily Journal