Pennsylvania Free Enterprise Week

Pennsylvania Free Enterprise Week is a week-long residential summer camp that teaches high school juniors and seniors to understand and celebrate private enterprise, and excites them about business, entrepreneurship, and career opportunities in Pennsylvania. Each year, over 2,100 students and 250 volunteers descend on the campuses of Lycoming College and the Pennsylvania College of Technology in Williamsport to experience this world class, award winning program.

Participants form teams of approximately 18 students and one volunteer business executive-on-loan, and for a simulated three years they run an imaginary manufacturing company competing against other student companies. A computer simulation requires each group to determine its selling prices, marketing costs, production budgets, research and development and more; in short, most of the decisions that managing a business typically requires. At the end of the week all company members participate in a Stockholders Annual Meeting to a panel of Judges comprised of volunteer business executives. They must also present a marketing campaign including a 60-second television commercial, 30-second radio spot, a website, and various print and social media.

World class speakers deliver powerful messages on Business Ethics, Money & Banking, Leadership, Management Styles, Government and Business, Entrepreneurship and more topics germane to the American economy in today’s increasingly global marketplace.

Throughout the week, students have incredible opportunities to explore careers and interact with top business leaders throughout the state. They also build relationships and socialize at events including an ice cream social, a pool party, a closing banquet, and dance.

PFEW is funded entirely by the private sector, and partners with corporations, chambers of commerce, manufacturer and business associations, and dedicated individuals to provide scholarships for more than 2,100 students who attend each summer. The current cost for one student to attend PFEW is $575. If your business would like to sponsor one or more students, please contact the Foundation of the Columbia Montour Chamber of Commerce to make a tax deductible contribution.